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RollerCoin Review - How to earn passive income with zero investment!


Rating - 10/10

Status : Paying


-Most Profitable Crypto Site

-Play games and earn power

-Mine multiple coins in same time

Withdraw Proof

Available coins : 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Tron (TRX)

Solana (SOL)

Doge (DOGE)

Matic (MATIC)

Binance Coin (BNB)

Litecoin (LTC)

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Latest Withdraws : 

11.04.2023 - BTC - 0.00130662

11.04.2023 - ETH - 0.028958

11.04.2023 - MATIC - 19.8

19.02.2023 - MATIC  - 30

19.02.2023 - BTC - 0.00135

19.02.2023 - DOGE - 316

19.02.2023 - BNB - 0.12

Full Review Below

Table Content : 

What is Roller Coin?

- RollerCoin is a mini-game bitcoin simulator where you can earn free crypto by playing games, completing quests, doing task, events, season passes and much more..

- RollerCoin is up and running since 2018 and i personally have been a member since 2019

- Since then i have made many withdraws and they pay every time

What is RollerCoin?

How to start earning on Roller Coin?

- There are two ways to earn in RollerCoin


1.You can play mini games every day and get mining power which will bring you crypto

2.You can buy miners (never ending miners) which will bring you stable power and you will get crypto every 10 min.

3.You can play games - earn crypto - and then use that crypto to get miners - leave miners to mine crypto while you do nothing (the miners you buy will mine crypto for you every 10min. and they have no time frame - which means they will mine until the site runs)

How to start earning on Roller Coin?

What coins can i mine on Roller Coin?

- You can mine BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, DOGE, LTC, SOL and RLT (their own coin)

but RollerCoin does lots of upgrades on the game so its very plausible that they will be adding more different coins to mine

What coins can i mine on Roller Coin?

How much can i earn on Roller Coin?

-By playing mini-games you earn power which you can use to mine different cryptocurrencies (the ones mentioned above)

-You can mine several coins in the same time (you can spilt the power you have into % and mine all coins that are available)

-Once you play games you get power - that power will be limited and will mine crypto for a limited amount of time (depends on what level of computer you have in the )

-The more you play the more you earn - easy

-It really depends on how much games you play a day and how much miners you have

How much can i earn on Roller Coin?

Tips on how to increase earnings on Roller Coin


-If you play 60+ games on the first day - every game after that will bring you power which will be active for the next 7 days (you will have to play at least 1 game every 24 hours to keep the mining active for 7 days on every game)

-Buy cheap and limited miners in the Sales and Popular section which resets every week (you can get miners on discount if you wait enough)

-Buy Season Pass and get miners worth a lot for a fraction of the price ( you will have to complete daily quests in order to get all miners)

Tips on how to increase earning on Roller Coin

Is Roller Coin Legit and does it pay?

- As mentioned before - I have been a member of RollerCoin since 2019 and since then i have withdrawn more than 1000 Doge, more than 0.005 BTC and more than 0.4 ETH

- I played a lot of games when i joined and with a little investment i was able to get many miners, the best thing to advance in this game if you buy Season Pass and play the games to get all the miners, the cost of the Season Pass is around 100 $ and once you get all the miners you will get miners worth more than 1200$

- I have done this since Season Pass 1 and i have gotten all miners since then

- Currently i am mining MATIC and with the power i have i a mining around 0.025 Satoshi every 10 min. so if you do the math i am currently getting around 3.4 a day (108 MATIC worth around 87 $ a month at the time of writing)(MATIC price is 0.81$)

- All this for doing nothing, i only play couple games a day to finish daily quests for the Season Pass

- I personally am very pleased of RollerCoin and will continue to play it

- You can see all my withdraws in the Telegram group where I post all my withdraws



- Marketplace is ONLINE

Is Roller Coin Legit and doest it pay?
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